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Air Passenger Duty needs to be harmonised across island - Flanagan

13 June, 2011

Sinn Féin MLA Phil Flanagan has called for the harmonisation of Air Passenger Duty across the island of Ireland.

Mr Flanagan stated,

“At present the Air Passenger Duty in the North can range from £12 - £60 depending on your destination while in the South it is presently €3 for all flights with the possibility that it will be abolished all together.

“This has created an unfair advantage for airlines flying from airports in the South to the detriment of the airports in the North as the cheaper prices are more attractive to passengers especially those on trans Atlantic routes that can cost an extra £60 in Air Passenger Duty in the North.

“I am calling on the NI Affairs Committee to recommend the harmonisation of the rate in the North by following the example in the South by abolishing this tax.This would allow the airports North of the border to operate on the basis of equality and increase passenger numbers through these airports."

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