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Release Arnaldo Otegi

15 June, 2011 - by Alex Maskey, Martina Anderson MEP, Westminster, Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD, in a joint statement with Party colleagues Martin McGuinness MP, Alex Maskey MLA and Bairbre de Brún MEP, have called on the Spanish Government to release Basque Nationalist leader Arnaldo Otegi.

The Sinn Féin representatives said that the continued imprisonment of Mr. Otegi only made the process of building a peace process in the Basque Country more difficult.

Mr. Adams and his colleagues said:

‘We have all met Arnaldo Otegi many times and have visited the Basque Country. We are convinced that Arnaldo is committed to bringing about a democratic and peaceful resolution to the conflict in that region.

Otegi is a widely respected political figure and leader of a political constituency which has a clear and significant political mandate. His continued imprisonment makes peace building in the Basque country more difficult.
We are convinced of Arnaldo Otegi's personal and political dedication to the development of the peace process, as are other key parties and stakeholders in the Basque Country. His continued imprisonment is an obstacle to this. It is also contrary to basic human rights standards.
The release of Arnaldo Otegi and the un-banning of Batasuna and Sortu would demonstrate courage and confidence on the part of the Spanish government and a willingness by it to play a constructive role in bringing one of Europe's oldest conflicts to an end.'

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