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Molloy welcomes Ian McCrea's newfound interest in Gaelic Games

27 June, 2011 - by Ian Milne

Sinn Féin Mid-Ulster MLA Francie Molloy has welcomed his DUP Constituency Colleague, Ian McCrea's new found interest in Gaelic games and in particular the fortunes of teams with Mid-Ulster connections.

Francie Molloy said:

"It is good to see Ian declare his interest in the outcome of the Ulster GAA Championship. Perhaps Ian's hope that Donegal are victorious in the Ulster final is a vote of solidarity with his many Party Colleagues in Derry and elsewhere with Donegal birth rights and who will no doubt be quietly hoping Ian gets his wish.

Whatever sparked his interest and regardless of which team Ian will be pulling for in the Ulster final it is to be welcomed and you never know he might even some day attend the final in person and actually enjoy himself.

"But on a more serious note it's about time that Ian McCrea and those who think like him wakes up to the reality that Gaelic games attract more participants and supporters than any other sport in Ireland and many professional sporting organisations only dream of attracting the numbers that pass through the turnstiles at GAA facilities.

Mr. McCrea's churlish comments about the cost of civic receptions for victorious teams should be dismissed for the begrudging attitude it displays - i.e. anything that doesn't fit in with my culture should not be celebrated. And GAA supporters are rate payers too and there are more of them in Mid-Ulster than there are DUP supporters.

"I believe that the GAA through its involvement in local communities throughout Ireland including Mid-Ulster contributes far more to the social and economic life of society than any other organisation on the island.

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