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Welcome for Ban on Hidden Charges

28 June, 2011 - by Westminster

Sinn Féin MLA Conor Murphy has welcomed the decision by the Office of Fair Trading to make travel companies end the use of hidden surcharges for passengers paying by credit card.

Mr Murphy said,“Many people now arrange their travel arrangements through the internet and pay either by credit or debit card. The travel companies for years have been applying a hidden charge on these transactions resulting in a higher charge for the trip than was advertised.

“As you can’t use cash on internet transaction people were being charged for actually paying for the ticket so this decision today has to be welcomed.

“Many of the charges being applied were well above the transaction fee that companies were being charged by the banks so they were actually a surcharge on using a credit card.

“I also welcome the recommendation that the law be changed so as no charges are incurred for using a debit card as a debit card is governed by the amount of cash in the account.

“This decision today will mean that any person booking a travel ticket online will see the entire price of the trip advertised rather than find that hidden charges at the end of the booking procedure which can be as high as £10 per person for a ticket with a budget airline.

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