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Safeguards and protections necessary for sub contractors - Murphy

29 June, 2011 - by Westminster

Sinn Féin MP and MLA, Conor Murphy, who is also the chair of the Finance Committee at Stormont, has stated that measures need to be implemented to ensure that sub contractors carrying out capital build programmes are protected and safeguarded.

Speaking today Mr Murphy said:

“The economic crisis has placed many within the construction industry under immense financial pressure.

“When it comes to capital build projects concerns have been raised that some larger companies being paid to deliver these projects are delaying payment to subcontractors placing many of these smaller business under increased pressure.

“On many occasions Sub Contractors are the last to be paidand some have gone out of business as a result.

“The Irish Government have already provided reassurances that a Construction Contracts Bill will be fast tracked through the Dail which will provide levels of protection for sub contractors and we should be bringing forward similar measures.

“There is a need to arrive at measures and safeguards to ensure thatall those who take part in capital build projects receive their share from the capital budget and that it is not swallowed by the big players with sub contractors left to pick up the pieces or being left high and dry.

“The Finance Committee are pressing the Department of Finance and Personnel to make sure that this issue is addressed as a matter of urgency.” Crioch

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