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Imaginative all-Ireland forward planning will invigorate economic recovery

4 July, 2011 - by Phil Flanagan

Sinn Féin, Enterprise, Trade and Investment spokesperson, Phil Flanagan MLA (Fermanagh/South Tyrone) has said that the long-term solution to economic recovery and sustainability can be achieved by imaginative forward planning on an all-Ireland basis.
Phil Flanagan said:
“What is required is imaginative forward planning and attraction of alternative employment opportunities through both foreign direct investment and by assisting indigenous companies to find new markets and expand their workforce.
“Making political arguments against all-Ireland economic development only prolongs the difficulties that we are now experiencing. From any perspective, political or economic,   duplication and replication of service provision is inefficient and cannot be justified. These redundant policies impose an unnecessary administrative and financial burden not only on the two governments but also on those wishing to do business in both jurisdictions.

"A single investment and job creation agency for instance, would eliminate this counterproductive anomaly of competition for inward investment, eradicate the waste of duplication and open wider opportunities to business throughout the island and generally contribute to growing the economy.

“Politicians throughout the island need to recognise a growing all-Ireland economy already exists. The clear cost-effectiveness of this new reality has long been recognised by the business community and the island economy is becoming more interdependent and integrated every year. Increased cooperation on an all-Ireland basis in relation to the economy is the accepted way of the future. We should be getting on with dismantling existing barriers and establishing a united approach to attracting investment and job creation.
“Common Chapter commitments made under the GFA commits both governments to advance all-Ireland economic development through joint planning in nine specified areas.  Energy, Communications, Electronic Commerce, Human Resource Development, Agriculture and Rural Development, Tourism, Transport, Environment, Education, Health and EU funding. These should be seen as only the beginning of a strategy for all-Ireland development in all facets of life and not a limitation.

“In building and strengthening the all-Ireland economy we should be striving to overcome obstacles to mobility, harmonising fiscal and business environments, and adopting and implementing proactive measures to ensure strong economic development. We will not progress in these areas by adopting a dismissive or insular attitude to opportunities for change.”

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