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Ulster Resistance fail to deal with IICD

4 July, 2011 - by Gerry Adams

Commenting as the IICD issued its final report, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has said that there was a view that the issue of arms has not yet been properly dealt with by unionism given recent UVF activity and the failure of Ulster Resistance to engage with the IICD at all.

Mr Adams said:

“The IICD was set up under the GFA to deal with the issue of arms. It has now completed its mandate.

Throughout its work there were attempts by unionist parties to interfere in its work. It was always Sinn Féin view that the IICD should be allowed to get on with its job alongside the various armed groups.

Sinn Fein’s role was to develop the political process to the point where the armed groups themselves moved to deal with this issue.

We welcomed the IRA engagement with the IICD and in common with the vast majority of people on this island are happy that the process of dealing with IRA weapons has been completed.

Given the activities of the UVF in particular in recent times and the failure of those established Ulster Resistance to engage at all with the IICD there is a view that the arms issue has not been properly dealt with by sections of unionism.

With the end of the IICD mandate that is now a matter for the PSNI to pursue in the time ahead.”

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