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Maskey raises concerns with Social Development Minister on Red Sky

6 July, 2011 - by Alex Maskey

Sinn Féin MLA and chair of the Social Development Committee, Alex Maskey, commenting following a meeting with the Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland on the issue of the Red Sky intervention said:

“At the meeting I advised the Minister that there were a number of issues of serious public concern that needed addressed

“I asked the Minister to explain the basis of his intervention on behalf of Red Sky and if he has any personal or party political interest in the company.

“The Minister stated that there was no relationship either politically or personally.

“The Minister has stated that his intention is to ensure that contracts are fulfilled and properly managed and complied with.  In this regard the Minister would have the committees full support.

“However I did advise the Minister that any observer would consider the reinstatement of Red Sky to fly in the face of this objective.

“The Minister has declared that while he remains in discussion with the Housing Executive he as not made any final decision on this issue.

“I have issued a report of this meeting to all members of the Assembly committee and I have advised them that I will keep this matter under close review.”

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