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Commission Report Ignores Massive Electoral Fraud

29 April, 2004

Commenting on the publication today of the Electoral Commission Report into the conduct of the November Assembly election, Sinn Féin Assembly Group leader Conor Murphy said that the report missed the point when it claimed that no fraud took place during the campaign.

Mr Murphy said:

" The Electoral Commission is reporting today that no fraud took place during the November election. This completely misses the point. The fact is that a massive electoral fraud took place in the lead up to the election with the preparation of the register.

" Due to this well over 100,000 were disenfranchised and the Electoral Commission themselves indicated that a further 30,000 were disenfranchised through the photo ID requirements. This has continued to the point where up to 211,000 people are currently disenfranchised and we would expect the situation to become even worse when the latest register is published next week.

" That is electoral fraud on a massive scale. It has come about as a direct result of the new legislation which was actively encouraged by the SDLP in alliance with the unionists. They must bear a heavy responsibility for the mess we are now in.

" The Electoral Commission cannot continue to ignore the massive problems which currently exist and the effect that this is having in public confidence in the overall electoral process." ENDS

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