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Cars still passing NCT fraudulently - Senator Reilly

6 July, 2011

Speaking today on an Adjournment debate on the NCT, Sinn Féin Senator Kathryn Reilly highlighted how there are still reports of cars unfit for the road passing the NCT fraudulently.

Senator Reilly called on the Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar to provide an update into the investigation of fraud at NCT centres and what his Department has done to ensure that no car passes the NCT fraudulently.

Speaking in the Seanad Senator Reilly said:

“I have been approached by a concerned person who bought a car last week, that had only been tested a week or two previously. When he brought it home he had his mechanic look at it. The mechanic called him back a couple of hours later to say that there was no way it would have passed the NCT as several major parts of the car needed replacing.

“I would like to know how a car can pass the NCT with several major important parts needing replacement.

“It is obvious that there is still an endemic problem with car testing and that the issue has not gone away.

“These individuals are creating real danger by allowing potentially defective vehicles back on our roads.

“Parents are driving their children and families around on roads where unsafe cars are carrying on. We have road safety adverts every day talking about dangerous driving and highlighting the human tragedies. But what about dangerous cars?

“Why do we have to wait for a Prime Time Special? What happens when the sensationalism and the spotlight post-prime Time dies down?

“What is happening on an ongoing basis to ensure that our National Car Testing Service is being delivered properly? What monitoring is going on to make sure that our cars are being tested, not hoodwinked through the system? What is happening to cars that are being passed or have been passed fraudulently?

“There are wide ranging and detailed concerns that exist about the NCT and there is certainly anecdotal evidence about a lack of consistency amongst the various testing centres.

“This is leading to a lot of people questioning the validity of some NCT centres, which will not help us promote road safety.

“I urge the Minister to treat this issue with the seriousness it requires and to cut the fraud out of the NCT system.”

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