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Navan hospital suffering death by a 1000 cuts - Tóibín

6 July, 2011

Speaking in Leinster House tonight, the Save Navan Hospital Campaign Chair Deputy Peadar Tóibín, challenged the government, “to break out of the IMF/EU straight jacket, grow a back bone and a support Navan Hospital.”

Supporting the Sinn Féin health care motion, Deputy Tóibín said,

“With a population of over 184,000, the people of Meath have witnessed a shocking reduction in services being provided by Navan Hospital. Government policy is nothing short of death by a 1000 cuts.

“Over the years the list of cuts is breath-taking, paediatrics services have been lost, Orthopaedic services have been reduced and suspended for months on end, blood testing is now outsourced, interns have been removed from the hospital, surgeons have been removed and indeed suspended , and a reduction in junior doctors. Key Hole surgery has been cancelled, Doctor On Call Services have been cut by 2/3s,

“These cuts have been chaotic and they are dangerous to the people of Meath. If, God forbid, a miner were to be crushed under ground in Tara Mines, he or she has a 30 minute window to receive lifesaving treatment. Implementing these cuts may take away that person’s chance of survival.”

Deputy Tóibín went on, “I can assure government TDs that the communities across Meath are resisting their attempt to close essential services. 15,000 people have signed the Save Navan Hospital petition. In excess of 10,000 people marched in Navan last October in support of the hospital and heard at first hand the then Fine Gael Health Spokesperson James Reilly promise a return of surgery services and a new regional hospital to be built within 5 years in Navan.”

In conclusion Deputy Tóibín claimed, “the Save Navan Hospital Campaign will continue to grow in strength and will redouble its efforts until the people of Meath have a fully functioning hospital, nothing short of what Meath deserves.”

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