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"Sinn Féin is opposed to increased tuition fees" -McElduff

7 July, 2011 - by Barry McElduff

   Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Higher Education, Barry McElduff MLA (West Tyrone) has reiterated his Party's opposition to any increase in University tuition fees. 
Barry McElduff said: 
"Sinn Féin's position is quite clearly that access to higher education must be based on the ability to learn and not on the ability to pay. Sinn Féin was opposed to the introduction of tuition fees and remains opposed to any notion of increasing tuition fees. It is wrong that the ability to pay for higher education should become the benchmark for accessing educational opportunity. Any increase in student fees at this time would undoubtedly have a detrimental impact on the people who could least afford it. 

"It would be at the least another psychological obstacle to students from low-income and middle-income families. It would lead to more debt for students and their families and would lead to a two-tier third-level education system. We believe that education is a basic right and that a university campus should be a learning place not a market place. CRÍOCH

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