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End Year Flexibility movement does not go far enough – Murphy

19 July, 2011 - by Westminster

Sinn Féin Economy Spokesperson, Conor Murphy MP, MLA (Newry/Armagh) while welcoming the movement on retention of some of the money in End Year Flexibility (EYF) said it does not go far enough.

Conor Murphy said:

“Sammy Wilson’s announcement that the British Treasury has decided to ‘allow’ him to retain some unspent monies in the EYF calculations, although welcome does not go far enough.

“The fact is that the British Treasury unilaterally cut over £4billion from our entitlement in the Block Grant which decimated our ability to deliver the programme of public expenditure required if we are to combat the worst effects of the recession. Not satisfied with slashing our budget without any consultation the British Chancellor then further raided our finances by changing the rules on EYF.

“Sammy Wilson’s comments that this is a ‘vast improvement’ and ‘would ensure ‘that we retain our resources where they can be of most benefit’ is yet another example of his subservient attitude to the British Exchequer. The British Treasury has also said that the amount ‘allowed’ to be retained would be capped at £59million for day-to-day running costs or £15million for capital projects. Sammy Wilson should be fighting to have all funding that while not yet spent has been earmarked for particular projects retained here.

“The clawing back by the British Treasury of any monies that has been allocated to Departments is unacceptable and should be resisted as a further attack on our ability to deliver our Programme for Government.

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