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O’Brien highlights Church and State failures in the Cloyne Report

20 July, 2011 - by Jonathan O'Brien TD

Sinn Féin Justice Spokesperson Jonathan O'Brien speaking on the Cloyne Report in the Dáil today said:

“The various infractions contained in this report have already been detailed in this house, in the media and in homes the length and breadth of this state:

“The unacceptable lack of recording surrounding child sexual abuse allegations made to the Church and the failure to report nine out of fifteen complaints made against members of the clergy are a shocking indictment of the church as an entity.

“Abuse allegations that the report states should very clearly have been reported to the relevant authorities, and were not, tell their own story.

“I have to say that the personal statement of Fr Lombardi, a Vatican spokesperson, just doesn’t cut it with me! What we need and demand is an official response from the Vatican itself.

“The state must also face up to its failing. Sloppy Garda investigations in two cases and a dispute between the Commission and the Gardaí on whether an investigation actually occurred in a third case are worrying revelations.

“This level of state incompetence is particularly worrying in the context of the Ferry, Donegal school abuse controversy.”

Deputy O’Brien called for sound and comprehensive legislation on both mandatory reporting of child abuse and for the use of soft information on child abuse allegations from a vetting point of view. Sinn Féin hopes that the government’s promised legislation will meet these criteria.

“Sinn Féin will play its part over the coming months to ensure we finally put in place adequate protections that are unambiguous and not open to misinterpretation.

“We will do this in a non-partisan way and hope others do likewise.

“Then and only then can we finally bring about a situation where the children of this state have adequate protections in place.” ENDS

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