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Adams demands Ballymurphy Inquiry

8 August, 2011 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD this afternoon demanded that an Independent International investigation is carried out into the Ballymurphy massacre in 1971. Mr Adams was addressing a 40th Anniversary event in West Belfast.

Mr Adams said:

“After the publication of the Saville Report, the British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the events of Bloody Sunday did not define the role of the British Army in Ireland. He is wrong. It does. I am from the democratic tradition that believes the British Army has no right and never will have a right to be in Ireland.

“1971 is history for some people. For those of us who survived or who lost loved ones on that day it is part of our lives. The Civil Rights campaign was only a few years old. The pogroms had occurred two years earlier. This area has opened its homes to the refugees. We were also under military occupation.

“Internment was part of a planned military and political strategy by the British government. The Paras were sent into this area to create a killing zone. None of those killed were members of any armed group. The IRA was very strong and active in this area but none of its Volunteers were killed or injured in the onslaught by the Paras. In my view the British knew they were killing unarmed civilians. Everyone in this area was a target. No one was killed in crossfire. There was no crossfire. They were all shot in the back and for 40 years a compliant media have pedalled the British Army lies about that day.

“The Peace Process continues – slowly but surely bringing about change, but the Peace Process will become organic only when those who lost loved ones in the conflict have closure. The Ballymurphy and Springhill killings are not disputed. They are an open and shut case. The British government know what happened. So do the Irish government. What is needed now is an Independent International investigation.” ENDS

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