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Sign the Fight the Winter Fuel Cut Petition

11 August, 2011 - by Phil Flanagan

Sinn Féin MLA for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, Phil Flanagan, has called on people to sign the 'Fight the Winter Fuel Cut', petition in opposition to the cut in the Winter Fuel Payment this year by the British Government.

Mr Flanagan stated,

The campaign, launched by Age Sector Platform's campaign has received a huge response so far, has allowed people from across the North to show their support by signing a petition which will then be presented to the British Government.

Mr Flanagan said:

"It is an absolute disgrace for the British government to make a decision to reduce Winter Fuel Payments for people aged between 60 and 80 by £50 and those over 80 by £100 when we currently have a situation where people are literally dying from the cold.

"Last winter recorded the coldest December in 100 years and during 2009/2010, a shocking 756 people aged 65+ died of cold related illnesses across the North.

"Given the projection that energy costs will rise to their highest levels ever this coming winter the potential impact of the British government's cuts to the Winter Fuel Payments are clear.

"Everyone must stand united against this draconian cut to the welfare system.

"What we are seeing here is Tory policy at its worst, attacking the poorest and most vulnerable in society while protecting their public school cronies."

“I am calling on everyone to sign this petition by signing on to to show the British Government that we value our senior citizens.

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