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Concern Over Child Arrests

23 August, 2011 - by Raymond McCartney

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney has said that he is concerned that repressive anti terror legislation was used for the arrest of two children in Derry last week.

Mr McCartney said,

“I am concerned that two young people were arrested under anti terror legislation and taken to Antrim only to be released the following day.

“It is important that the human rights of children are protected and arresting these children under this repressive legislation violated these rights.

“The fact that both these children were released unconditionally in little over 24 hours after their arrest highlights the folly of full scale raids and arrests.

“If there are suspicions or intelligence that points towards children then it must be acted upon with welfare of the children in mind.

“Being arrested and taken to an interrogation centre can cause severe mental anguish not only to the children but also to their parents and siblings.

“Sinn Féin intends to raise the use of anti terror legislation to deal with children at the Policing Board and believe that the practice must be stopped immediately.

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