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SDLP Proposals Provide Succour For Rejectionists

4 May, 2004

Reacting to SDLP proposals to restore the political institutions Sinn Féin Assembly member Bairbre de Brún said that the plan 'was clearly outside the terms of the Agreement and would provide succour for the rejectionists who were seeking to renegotiate'.

Ms de Brun said:

" The SDLP need to hold their nerve. This proposition is wholly outside the terms of the Good Friday Agreement and will encourage those rejectionists who wish to renegotiate it and prevent its implementation.

" In particular the plan to allow the British Secretary of State to hand pick Ministers runs entirely against any democratic norm and runs entirely against the expressed wishes of the electorate.

" The focus gained over the past number of weeks is the way to proceed. It is in the interests of all of the pro Agreement parties to bring about an inclusive talks process aimed at achieving the full implementation of the Agreement. That needs to be the focus, not providing opportunities for those who wish to prevent the sort of fundamental changes which the Good Friday Agreement demands." ENDS

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