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"SDLP Motion naive and disingenuous" Conor Murphy MP, MLA

19 September, 2011 - by Westminster

Commenting on an SDLP motion coming before the Assembly on Tuesday 20th September calling for a new draft Programme for Government (PfG), Sinn Féin Economy Spokesperson, Conor Murphy said:
"Even the SDLP should know that governments plan projects and project spending a number of years in advance. To suggest that a Budget that was only approved by the Assembly a little over six months ago is no longer applicable to the present economic conditions shows that political party’s naivety in the extreme.
“Hokey Kokey politics may suit a party that has no coherent economic policies but suggesting that those of us committed to delivering good government to the people should adopt its approach is just not realistic.
“All Ministers in the Executive – including the SDLP – agreed the Budget which was then voted on and ratified by a majority in the Assembly. Within the budget process there are regular Monitoring Rounds where all unspent Departmental monies are surrendered and redistributed to those Departments most in need. Therefore there is already a mechanism built into the budget process which allows flexibility in changing circumstances.
As for the new draft PfG once more the SDLP is being disingenuous with its call in the full knowledge that the 2008/2011 PfG is due to expire and a new one is presently being formulated.
“Rather than seek cheap headlines with no substance, the SDLP would better serve the people of the North by acting responsibly as a partner in government rather than in a semi-detached manner that plays no positive role in delivering for the people.

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