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Republican Concern At Two Governments Handling of Process

6 May, 2004

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP is in Donegal today as part of the EU and Local Government election campaign. Speaking in Letterkenny where he is canvassing with the North West EU candidate Pearse Doherty.

Mr Adams said:

" Over the past few weeks I have travelled the length and breath of Ireland. I have spoken to republican activists in Cork and Dublin, Fermanagh, Tyrone and Down, in Crossmaglen, Newry and Belfast. The message is the same wherever I travel - there is grave disquiet at the two governments handling of the peace process, the discriminatory actions against republicans and the undermining of the Good Friday Agreement by failing to consistently honour commitments made in negotiations.

" Despite all of this I believe progress is possible if there is the political will, especially from the two governments. They need to create a better climate. This means proceeding with their commitments.

" Archbishop Brady's remarks about collusion are proof, if any is needed, at the widespread concerns over collusion. The reneging by the British government on a firm commitment to establish an independent, public inquiry into the killing of Human Rights lawyer Pat Finucane has heightened these concerns.

" Regardless of how much the British government may protest about the need to get unionist support for the process of change, an objective which Sinn Féin actively supports, the issue is one for the British government and not for any unionist party.

" Demilitarisation, the Equality Agenda and many related matters are alone British government responsibilities at this time. I believe that the British government is using the situation within unionism as a cover for resistance to change within its own system. This is not good enough.

" Penalising Sinn Féin, the emasculation of the electoral register and today's announcement that fundraising is to be restricted are hardly proof that politics is working. On the contrary they are a direct attack on public confidence and on the political rights and entitlements of citizens." ENDS

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