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Unionists Attacked Over Sandy Row Protest

6 May, 2004

South Belfast Sinn Féin Assembly member Alex Maskey has accused the UUP of 'attempting to sanitise what is nothing more than sectarian hatred and intimidation'. Mr Maskey's remarks come after ongoing intimidation of Catholics living in an apartment block in the Sandy Row area.

Mr Maskey said:

" Over the past number of weeks unionist paramilitaries with the support of local unionist politicians have been engaged in a campaign of intimidation against Catholics living in an apartment complex in Sandy Row.

" If this intimidation was being carried out by anybody else other than unionists or against anybody else other then Catholics there would be a media outcry. Instead we have witnessed day on day the local UUP representatives attempting to justify the intimidation and blame the victims. Neither the attacks nor the excuses are acceptable.

" We witnessed similar behaviour from unionist political representatives during the blockade of Holy Cross school in North Belfast two years ago.

" It would be more beneficial if unionist politicians stood up to the bully boys within their own community who seem determined to continue spreading sectarianism and racism and provided political leadership for the vast majority of unionist people who wish to live in peace with their neighbours." ENDS

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