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Foster's comments hypocritical - McLaughlin

29 September, 2011

Sinn Féin Victims Spokesperson, Mitchel McLaughlin MLA, (South Antrim) responding to claims by DUP Minister Arlene Foster MLA, concerning the Enniskillen bombing said:

“I find the timing of Arlene Foster’s public comments about Martin McGuinness in the context of the Enniskillen bombing a little hypocritical considering that Ms. Foster has served in government with Martin McGuinness for the last five years and never once broached the subject with him.

“I would also ask Arlene to explain exactly what objection she has to the concept of an Independent International Truth Commission to which every individual, party, organisation and government who contributed to the causes and prosecution of the conflict would detail their involvement. Sinn Féin would argue that if you only seek evidence from some of the protagonist groups, or if you only ask some of the questions, then you will only establish some of the truth.

“Sinn Féin sincerely regrets that Truth recovery has become yet another contested issue when so many victims and survivors are desperate to establish the facts surrounding the tragedies which afflicted their families and communities. Martin McGuinness has stated publicly the he personally would appear before such a Commission.

“Surely acceptance that grief and pain recognises no boundaries and affects all who were part of the armed conflict and many non-combatants, would be the best means of removing the obstacles preventing progress.“

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