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Government sitting on their hands while 1,000 Aviva jobs under threat – Sinn Féin

5 October, 2011

Speaking this afternoon after Aviva management met with union representatives, Sinn Féin's jobs spokesperson Peadar Tóibín said:

“Aviva is the latest in a long list of firms that are shedding jobs throughout the state. The government’s response is muddled and counterproductive. Fine Gael and Labour’s policy of austerity is rapidly shrinking demand in the domestic economy and when firms then inevitably reduce workforces or close the government respond by sitting on their hands.

“We need immediate action from the highest level of this government. The Minister for Enterprise needs to meet the workers of Aviva and to assure them of his total support in defending their jobs. He then needs to sit down with Aviva and go through their business plan line for line in order to identify areas where costs can be reduced without jobs being lost. Upward only rents need to be resolved and the European arm of Aviva need to share the marketing costs of the Aviva Stadium.

“There is a danger that major job losses could occur in Dublin, Cork and Galway with the inevitable human cost. It would also mean the loss of €38 million from the economy not taking into account the €20 million increase that would occur to the social welfare bill.”

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