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Adams says growth and jobs are key to beating recession

7 October, 2011 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD is this morning attending the second Global Irish Economic Forum in Dublin Castle. Mr Adams commended the government for reconvening the Global Irish Economic Forum.

The Sinn Féin leader said:

“Those who have travelled to Ireland at this time from the Irish diaspora are demonstrating a great love of our country and our people.

“We Irish are very resilient and it is possible to beat this recession but that can only be done through growth and by generating jobs.

“So, the success of this weekend’s gathering will be measured in the new jobs that are created.

“Unlike the government a multitude of economic policy makers across the globe are now arguing that austerity policies which cut public services, reduce consumer spending and increase unemployment, are not working and that the rising number of jobless people is impeding recovery. It is clear a stimulus is needed.

“One way of growing is to explore the potential of the all-island economy.

“On a landmass this size, and with only six million people, it does not make sense to have a duplication of services, taxation, and other costs.

“Successful businesses are already trading north and south and availing of the six million consumers island wide, rather than the 1.5 in the North or 4.5 in the South.

“The all-island economy applied to the arts and culture makes sense and can generate new income, more tourists and jobs. Ireland has a thriving agricultural and agri-food industry.

“It is growing year on year and has a deserved international reputation, particularly in the niche green food sector. Greater co-operation would be of enormous benefit in creating jobs and expanding this industry.

“There is also a world food shortage. The island of Ireland is well placed to contribute to tackling this problem.” ENDS

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