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Adams raises Finucane case in Dáil

11 October, 2011 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has accused the British government of being in breach of the Weston Park agreement on inquiries.

Mr Adams today raised the issue of an inquiry into the Pat Finucane case during Leaders Questions in the Dáil and he urged the Irish government to make clear to the British Prime Minister “that the Irish government supports the family and that nothing less than the enquiry they are demanding is acceptable to the Irish government.”

The Sinn Féin leader told the Dáil that he had just spoken to one of the Finucane family members who had been at the meeting at lunchtime with David Cameron.

Mr Adams said that the family “are devastated and hugely upset by the refusal of the British government to honour the Weston Park agreement and to establish an inquiry into the murder of human rights lawyer Pat Finucane.

“The British and Irish governments agreed at Weston Park to set up an inquiry by retired Canadian Judge Cory to look at four specific cases where it was alleged that collusion had occurred between British forces and loyalist death squads.

“These were Rosemary Nelson, Billy Wright and Robert Hamill and Pat Finucane.

“Judge Cory concluded that inquiries were necessary in all of these cases but in particular that of Pat Finucane. Three of these inquiries have now taken place.

“The enquiry into Pat Finucane has not taken place and the family went to today’s meeting believing, on foot of discussions they had held with British officials, that an enquiry was to be established.

“Instead they were told that a QC would be appointed to review the papers and speak to those involved. He would then come to a conclusion.

“No enquiry. No legal redress for the family. No access to papers or witnesses, or an opportunity to cross examine.

“In short the family have been offered less than the Cory inquiry and what was agreed at Weston Park.

“This is a clear breach by the British government of an agreement with the Irish government and the rest of us.

“If flies in the face of the huge support given to the family by the government here, by the UN, by Amnesty International and a host of international agencies and political leaders, including in Washington.

“The Irish government needs to make it clear to the British government that it supports the family and that nothing less than the inquiry they are demanding is acceptable to the Irish government.”

Concluding Mr Adams said:

“The nub of this issue and what explains the British reluctance to hold this inquiry, is that the Pat Finucane case illustrates the extent to which collusion went on between British State forces and loyalist death squads.

“This British government had no part in that collusion and thus Mr Cameron should be liberated to do what was promised at Weston Park and to the family. He has failed.

“The Irish government needs to press the British government and to do so with all urgency, to hold the full inquiry promised ten years ago at Weston Park.” ENDS

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