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Internet Safeguards Welcome

12 October, 2011 - by Phil Flanagan

Sinn Féin MLA Phil Flanagan has welcomed the news that four top internet providers have now introduced options to stop pornography from their sites.

Mr Flanagan stated,

“The internet is now part and partial of everyday life and these new options will allow parents to block unsuitable sites from children.

“Family use of the Internet grown daily and no matter how much supervision is given children are still able to access pornography or similar sites.

“With the advent of internet phones, electronic tablets and laptops it is near impossible to supervise children at all times.

“The news that four of the top internet service providers have now introduced options that will allow parents to block these types of sites is to be welcomed.

“This will allow parents the confidence that their children can access the internet for educational and recreational use without having access to sites that are unsuitable for children.

“It is important that our children are protected from these sites and I welcome the decision that also allows parents to report sites with suspect content to the providers.

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