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Anti-Social activity should not be tolerated - McCartney

17 October, 2011 - by Raymond McCartney

Sinn Féin vice-Chair of the Assembly Justice Committee, Raymond McCartney MLA (Foyle) speaking in advance of a debate tomorrow on the issue of ‘anti-social activity said: “Anti-social activity is a term we hear day and daily about the activities of the small minority involved. While there is a need to reach out to this minority and attempt to convince them to desist, there can be no equivocation in our condemnation of them and no ambiguity in our support for the wider community. I believe that this type of activity should be described as exactly what it is – anti-community activity. “It is time to reclaim our communities through positive action.  But while elected representatives, community leaders and residents acting together can help to deter the small minority from vandalising our homes, property and streets, the PSNI and other statutory agencies need to be seen to be pro-active in tackling the more serious crime in the community. “It is no good hearing politicians calling for the introduction of harsher penalties if existing legislation and resources are not being properly utilised and targeted. Neither does it serve the community for the PSNI to continuously blame lack of resources or community cooperation for the rising crime figures and anti-community activity. “I believe that a strong, united community response coupled with properly deployed policing is required to combat these issues. “Many of the more localised and general anti-community issues can be tackled by talking to and listening to young people, making them part of the solution by encouraging outlets for their energies. Those few that refuse to adhere to the wishes of their community should be left in no doubt that their activity will not be tolerated and that every legal avenue will be used against them.” CRÍOCH

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