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SDLP Representative Criticised Over Bomb Justification

10 May, 2004

Sinn Féin Representative for South Antrim Martin Meehan has hit out at those responsible for a pipe bomb attack in Randalstown last night. Mr Meehan also criticised SDLP representative Donovan McClelland accusing him of providing excuses and cover for the attacks.

Mr Meehan said:

" I have no doubt that unionist paramilitaries are responsible for the pipe bomb attack in Randalstown last night. It was little more than blatant sectarianism. There is no excuse for it and none should be offered.

" That is why the comments of Donovan McClelland are so insulting. Mr McClellend is suggesting in the media that this attack was a response to a tricolour being erected over the Easter period. He is in effect providing excuses and cover for those unionist paramilitaries who carried out this attack.

" Mr McClelland instead of attempting to justify such attacks should join with us and the rest of the community in making it very clear that such actions are unacceptable and should not be tolerated." ENDS

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