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ASBOS Not Total Answer

10 May, 2004

Commenting on the announcement that Anti-Social Behaviour Orders are to be introduced Sinn Féin Assembly member Barry McElduff said:

" In theory the use of ASBOS could be a very useful tool in tackling anti-social behaviour within communities. However a more fundamental problem which needs addressed is the lack of an acceptable policing service and a justice system which continues to fail local communities.

" On a daily basis we hear reports of the PSNI turning a blind eye to the activities of anti-social criminals so long as they are willing to act as informers and continue to destabilise nationalist and republican communities. It would clearly be madness to place the very same people in charge of enforcing ASBOS.

" We need to get policing and justice right. We need to see the demand of the Good Friday Agreement for acceptable and accountable policing delivered.

" We also need to place greater resources into community led initiatives such as Community Restorative Justice that places the focus on rebuilding relationships within the community, challenging the behaviour of offenders and creating sustainable and long term solutions to anti-social behaviour." ENDS

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