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Release of Castlerea prisoners was part of an agreed sequence of statements and actions

11 May, 2004

Speaking in Dublin today after EU candidate Mary Lou McDonald was nominated for the Dublin constituency, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams said:

"Last October there was an agreed sequence of statements and actions which would have seen the Good Friday Agreement institutions back in place and a process to resolve a number of issues, for example arms and armed groups, Justice and Human Rights, demilitarization, people on the run and other matters including the release of the Castlerea prisoners.

"The UUP leader halted this sequence. The focus of the Sinn Féin leadership since then has been to get the process working again. I am confident that that is An Taoiseach's aim also and we are working very closely to achieve this. This is an endeavour which should be supported by everyone who wants to make conflict a thing of the past, including opposition parties.

"I am very mindful that the release of the Castlerea prisoners is a sensitive issue and I am especially mindful of the plight of the McCabe family and Mrs McCabe but you asked me if the release of prisoners was part of this agreed sequence. The answer is yes."

Gerry Adams will be available to talk to the media at the Royal Irish Academy, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 at 5.30pm this evening (Tuesday). He will be attending an event organized by Brandon Books.

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