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Those in need of housing abandoned by government with new cuts – Ellis

10 November, 2011

The Sinn Féin housing spokesperson Dessie Ellis has criticised the government’s announcement today that included no commitment to new social housing builds and gave no details of support for regeneration projects outside of Limerick.

Deputy Ellis said:

“This is more of the same from a government who is full of rhetoric but very little action when it comes to providing for the needs of the most vulnerable and needy in society.

“The government’s Infrastructure and Capital Investment 2012-16 plan offers nothing to give hope to those in need of housing. It gives a vague commitment to prioritising the Limerick Regeneration but offers no details and mentions no other regeneration project.

“In May RTÉ Primetime brought the abysmal conditions experienced by the residents of Teresa’s Gardens and Dolphin House to the public attention. There is nothing here in the so called investment plan to lead them to believe that things are going to improve. Ballymun, one of the most high profile regeneration projects also receives no mention.

“The lack of a commitment of any kind to new social housing builds is also very disappointing. We have record numbers on the housing lists and in receipt of RAS and Rent Supplement, many for very long periods but the government is making no efforts to really change this. We will continue to subsidise thousands of private landlords, many renting homes in unacceptable conditions and unregistered with the Tenancy Board.

“The government also continues to do nothing on homelessness or to support the calls for a housing first strategy. This is not good enough.”

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