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Workers earning under £32k should be exempt from pension contribution increase

24 November, 2011 - by John O'Dowd

Speaking before today’s meeting of the Executive Education Minister John O’Dowd said that he believed that any public sector worker earning under £32,000 per year should be exempt from increase pension contributions.

Mr O’Dowd said:

“The British Government has imposed a £300m levy on public sectors pensions here. We are opposed to that. It is also clear that the block grant cannot absorb a hit of this magnitude without a significant impact on frontline public services.

"Our approach to this issue, in common with our approach to the overall problem of dealing with the imposed Tory cuts has been to protect the most vulnerable and frontline services.

"In my department I have brought forward proposals that all workers earning under £32,000 per year would be exempted from this British government levy. I also support removing entirely those public sector workers paying into the NILGOSC scheme and I intend to raise this with Executive colleagues today.

"I am also open to hear from the Trade Unions any ideas they have to offset the worst excesses of this Tory cut if the British government continue to adopt their current position.”

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