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Orde's political interventions continue

12 May, 2004

Responding to comments made by Hugh Orde this afternoon at the Policing Board regarding punishment attacks, West Belfast Sinn Féin MLA Michael Ferguson said:

" Firstly the Sinn Féin position regarding punishment attacks is well known. We are opposed to them and have worked in a variety of ways to see them ended, including the promotion of community restorative justice programmes and we continue to work to see the establishment of an acceptable policing service.

" I would be very sceptical of relying on figures on punishment attacks or anything else produced by the PSNI or its Special Branch. We only have to look at their role in the discredited IMC Report to see that. I also note that Hugh Orde's intervention at the Policing Board was teed up by the anti-Agreement unionist Ian Paisley Junior.

" I do have to say that people are becoming increasingly angry at the ever increasing political interventions being made by Hugh Orde. When he got the job of Chief Constable he proclaimed that policing and politics didn't mix. Yet hardly a week goes by without him making a political intervention of one kind or another. He appears to be developing into a political Chief Constable much in the same vein as his predecessors in the RUC." ENDS

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