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Larne Needs Stand Alone Strategy

28 November, 2011 - by Oliver McMullan

Sinn Féin MLA Oliver McMullan has called for Larne area to be treated as a stand-alone region in the Regional Development Strategy.

Mr. McMullan said,

“Larne is an important hub in terms of transport infrastructure and a gateway for tourism yet Larne is being treated within the strategy as part of the Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan.

“In order for Larne and its natural hinterlands of the Glens and Carnlough to develop and attract inward investment it is essential that Larne is a stand-alone project 

“I am also disappointed that Larne has also has been removed as one of the 16 main hubs and given the fact that the strategy states that these hubs should be given first consideration in terms of inward investment it leaves the entire North East region at a deficit.

“While the port of Larne is obviously a focus it is also important that we build up a mix of industry and services to compliment the port rather than depend on the port as the only economic catalyst.

“Tourism is one area that is key to the region as the Glens and the Northern coast have the potential to deliver economic sustainability yet by not including Larne in a hub or as a stand alone project this potential will never be reached.

“I will be writing to the Minister of Regional Development Danny Kennedy in order to secure a meeting to discuss the future development of the Larne area.”

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