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IFA response to anthem is deafening

29 November, 2011

Sinn Féin MLA Pat Sheehan said that the response from the IFA to the question of the playing of the British national anthem at the North’s soccer games says it all.

“The topic of playing this anthem at the North’s games has come up for discussion with former nationalist players saying changing it would help make it more comfortable for nationalists to play for the team.

“The no comment response from the IFA shows how far they are willing to go to make Windsor Park a welcoming place for all the community.

“It is obvious that the playing of the British National Anthem is a divisive issue and to ignore this or push it under the carpet is confirmation that other attempts to get nationalists playing/supporting the team are just tinkering round the edges of the core problem.

“The way ahead is to follow the example of rugby, cricket and other sports with an all-Ireland team.”CRÍOCH/END

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