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Sinn Féin will protest against War in Iraq during Bush visit - McDonald

13 May, 2004

Dublin EU candidate Mary Lou McDonald took part in a press conference in Buswells Hotel, Dublin, at 2.30 this afternoon, organised to announce the protests planned during the visit of US President George Bush to Ireland in June. Ms McDonald said that the party will focus on "protesting against the war in Iraq during George Bush's visit."

Ms McDonald said: "Sinn Fein strongly opposes the ongoing occupation of Iraq, along with the failed US and British colonial policies in the Middle East. We will continue to voice our opposition to the occupation and support the creation of a democratic Iraqi state guaranteed by the international community.

"We have voiced our outrage at the torture of Iraqi people by the US and British occupation forces. Despite the refusal of the British Government to accept what is actually happening in Iraq, the revelations come as no surprise to people in the North. The British torture techniques exposed in Iraq are similar to those exposed in the torture centres of Castlereagh almost 30 years ago.

"We will be joining with other groups such as the Peace and Neutrality Alliance, the NGO Peace Alliance and the Irish Anti-War Movement to ensure that when George Bush comes to Ireland for the US-EU Summit the people of Ireland register their protest at his foreign policies and the occupation of Iraq." ENDS

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