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Unionist politicians part and parcel of illegal protests

6 December, 2011

Sinn Féin Belfast City Councillor Jim McVeigh has stated that unionist politicians in Belfast City Hall are very clearly part and parcel of the illegal loyalist potests at city hall

Speaking today Cllr McVeigh said:

“Unionist politicians have over recent days in the media sought to distance themselves from  the illegal loyalist protests that have occured outside Belfast City Hall on Thursday of last week and again last night.

“Let us be very clear about this. On both occasions, and indeed at a similar protest over the RIR homecoming parade in May unionist politcians addressed illegal protests where roads  in the city centre were blocked.

“Further to this unionist politicains social media sites actively urged people to attend the protests. What we witnessed was then a UVF backed series of protests.

“As a result of these actions elected representatives cars last night were attacked and death threats along with sectarian and defamatory abuse were shouted.  Unionists cannot say they were not part of this.

“Sinn Féin will be raising these issues with the PSNI to investigate and also calling on the PSNI to expalin publically why there has now been a facilitation of three illegal protests, in which members of the UVF were invovled, by unionists and loyalists outside the city hall.”

“It is a case of Unionism trying to force through their politics in whatever manner they can.

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