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Government must not bypass the people on Euro deal — Adams

9 December, 2011 - by Gerry Adams

Speaking in response to the statement by the heads of the Eurozone released today, Sinn Féin president, Gerry Adams TD said:

“Once again the Fine Gael/Labour government has buckled under pressure from bigger Eurozone states and signed up to a deal that is bad for Ireland.

“The Taoiseach’s refusal to bring these proposals before the Dáil for debate is bad enough but to deny the people their say would be a betrayal.

“By agreeing to pursue tighter integration with stricter budget rules for the single currency area Enda Kenny is not representing the best interest of the Irish people.

“This deal means ordinary citizens will continue paying for the banking crisis. There was no agreement to increase the EU’s bailout fund but the burning of bondholders is forbidden.

“The consequences of this deal for Ireland are severe. Power will be transferred from elected politicians in the Dáil to judges and Eurocrats in Luxembourg and Brussels.

“The government has no mandate to agree to this. Irish citizens must have their say. This issue must be put to the people in a referendum.’


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