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Chief Constable must urgently address practice of hiring former RUC within PSNI - Kelly

19 January, 2012 - by Gerry Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA and policing spokesperson, Gerry Kelly, has stated that the BBC interview with a former RUC member, where he outlined how he was recruited with a lack of transparency and could not be held accountable under the mechanism in place for the PSNI vindicated clearly the position of Sinn Féin that this process has been ongoing within the PSNI  for a number of years.

Mr Kelly has called on the Chief Constable to urgently work with the Policing Board to address this serious issue.

Speaking today Mr Kelly said:

“The interview with the former RUC member has vindicated what Sinn Féin have stated now for a number of years. The PSNI have bypassed Patten in the recruitment of former members of the RUC who were in receipt of the generous Patten redundancy package and in doing so have actively undermined the Patten recommendations.

“The testimony of this former RUC member indicates that this is clearly not an isolated case. 

“We have seen members of the RUC leave with huge payouts and, in some cases, be back working for the PSNI within weeks outside of the accountability mechanisms. The aren’t answerable to the Policing Board, the Ombudsman and do not have to an oath or abide by the PSNI code of ethics. 

“Beyond this the way in which ex RUC members have been headhunted and recruited with no transparency raises further questions. It smacks of an old boys club approach by the PSNI. 

“The PSNI have consistently stated that they did not have accurate figures on the number of ex RUC members who had been rehired in this way. These figures are now public.

“It is high time, with this issue finally reaching the headlines, that the Chief Constable and senior levels within the PSNI work with the Policing Board to ensure and end to this practice and the end to the active undermining of the Patten recommendations.”

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