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“Fine Gael & Labour have privatisation agenda” – Cllr. Mícheál Mac Donncha

22 January, 2012

Speaking in advance of Monday’s special meeting of Dublin City Council to address the widespread disruption and confusion that has followed the privatisation of Dublin City Council's domestic waste collection service, Sinn Féin Councillor Mícheál Mac Donncha, who is Chairperson of the Council's Finance Committee, criticised the handling of the changeover by City Council management and said the dominant Fine Gael and Labour groups cannot wash their hands of the privatisation as their parties in Government are following a privatisation agenda.

Cllr. Mac Donncha said:

“There has been widespread disruption and confusion following last week’s privatisation of Dublin City Council's household waste collection service. This has led to the calling of a special meeting of the City Council, such is the anger at the way this has been handled by City Council management and the private company Greyhound.

“People were informed only at the last minute that the changeover was happening. The facility for quarterly payment of the €100 standing charge was set aside. There will be no waiver after 2012. Bin lifts must be paid for in advance. In the past week in many areas bins were not lifted at the promised time or at all. And already charges are set to increase in July.

“City Council management must be challenged on their negotiation of this deal. They were content to let Greyhound demand the €100 standing charge up front. Yet within two days of the handover Greyhound, responding to public pressure, agreed to accept two instalments of €50. What were the Council negotiators doing?

“The Fine Gael and Labour groups who dominate Dublin City Council cannot wash their hands of this mess. They fully supported the City Council 2012 Budget which was based on the privatisation of this service.

“In Government their parties are pursuing a privatisation agenda as part of a failed austerity strategy that is bringing misery to people in Dublin and across Ireland with widespread cutbacks, punitive charges and mass unemployment and emigration. We in Sinn Féin will continue to oppose privatisation and defend public services.” ENDS

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