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Irish citizens must have their say on austerity Treaty – Adams

31 January, 2012 - by Gerry Adams

Commenting on the final text of the Eurozone austerity treaty agreed by 25 of 27 EU heads of government in Brussels, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said it would not solve the Eurozone crisis. He said Irish citizens must have their say on the Treaty and that if the Government sought to avoid a referendum Sinn Féin would pursue all options to ensure that they did.

Deputy Adams said:

“The final text of the Eurozone austerity treaty as agreed by 25 of 27 EU heads of Government in Brussels last night will do nothing to solve the Eurozone crisis. Indeed it will make matters worse.

“The Treaty involves the surrender of important Irish fiscal and budgetary matters to un-elected and unaccountable EU officials and the imposition of drastic and destructive austerity.

“It confers significant new powers on the European Commission and European Court of Justice to compel member states to alter their fiscal and budgetary policies or face significant fines.

“This Treaty is anti-growth and anti-jobs. If ratified, it will place an economic straight jacket on Ireland for decades. Its debt and deficit limits are draconian and will mean decades of austerity imposed on a country crying out for investment in jobs and growth.

“Irish citizens must have their say on a Treaty with such far-reaching implications for this country. Irrespective of what advice the Government gets from the Attorney General, a referendum is now a democratic imperative.

“Sinn Féin is receiving independent legal advice on this issue. If the Government, as it appears likely, seeks to avoid a referendum then Sinn Féin will actively pursue all possible options, including the legal option, to ensure that Irish citizens have their say.”

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