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£234.4million of 2011 Single Farm Payments issued-O’Neill

2 February, 2012 - by Michelle O'Neill

Agriculture Minister, Michelle O’Neill MLA, has announced that a total of £234.4million of 2011 Single Farm Payment has been paid out to farmers.

The aim was to pay 90% of claims by the end of January 2012. Reviewing the results, the Minister said: “We have now been able to complete over 90% of Single Farm Payments, with a further £19million paid out during January, bringing the total to £234.4million.”

Looking ahead the Minister said:

“The objective is to finalise the remaining claims at the earliest possible date. My Department is taking all possible steps to achieve this, but we must administer the scheme in a way that avoids disallowance.

“In many of the remaining cases we will be unable to pay immediately, particularly to those with on-farm inspections that have identified land eligibility concerns and which may require changes to farm maps. These require complex assessments which take longer to clear. In other cases we are not able to process a payment because farmers have not provided their bank account details to enable a payment to be credited to their bank account. I would remind farmers who have not already done so, to supply their bank account details without delay.”

Not all of the remaining claims will be due a payment because of ineligibility or the application of penalties under scheme rules.

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