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Sammy Wilson ignores fiscal powers debate - Maskey

7 February, 2012 - by Pat Sheehan, Westminster

Sinn Féin MP, MLA for West Belfast Paul Maskey has slammed the Finance Minister, Sammy Wilson, for his response to a question posed to the Minister      asking him to state his position on the transfer of fiscal powers to the Assembly.

Speaking today Mr Maskey said:

“When asked for his position regarding the transfer of fiscal powers to the Assembly from Westminster the Finance Minister, Sammy Wilson, flippantly dealt with the issue by stating that he doesn't want to see it happen as he is a unionist. This is completely unacceptable.

“How can anyone have any confidence in Sammy Wilson to deliver a reduction in corporation tax or any other powers when this is his position. On a week when the North of Ireland is identified as having the highest diesel prices in Europe and the Assembly debated the regulation of the home heating oil industry’s spiraling prices this is the Finance Minister's response.

“Fiscal autonomy would place local politicians in a much stronger position to tackle the economic crisis head on. Instead  Mr Wilson would much prefer Westminster, the parliament that cut £4bn from the local budget to remain in charge of our financial future?” 

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