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Government imposes cuts to indigenous job creation bodies

10 February, 2012

Figures recently received by Sinn Féin Spokesperson for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation reveal that spending on indigenous job creation has fallen over the four years.

In 2009 Enterprise Ireland received €359.49 million this year the budget has been reduced to €307.8 million a reduction of 14.3% over four years.

In 2009 City and County Enterprise Boards received €21.67 million and this year they are set to receive €15 million a reduction of 30% over four years.

It should also be noted that while IDA funding this year is up 12% increase on that awarded in 2009 it is in effect an €10 million reduction over last year’s budget.

Speaking on the figures Peadar Tóibín said,

“The impact of the first Fine Gael/ Labour budget has been a reduction in spend on job creation agencies.

“We have been told that the priority for this government is job creation however the figures clearly demonstrate that the main government job creation agencies will all have their budget reduced. This is most significant in the budgets of Enterprise Ireland and County and City Enterprise Boards.

“The figures that we have received indicate a reduction over the last four years is almost 15% of Enterprise Ireland and an incredible 30% for County Enterprise Boards.

“It should be remembered that although Foreign Direct Investment is important, over 72% of our employment is in small and micro sized industries. These are the very sectors that are most affected by these cuts.

“If we are to create and sustain jobs and growth it will be through building local businesses, supporting local entrepreneurs, and developing Irish products for export.

“These are the very sectors that are experiencing cuts. When we get behind the spin and look at investment it is clear that the priority is not jobs.

“This year the Anglo Irish Promissory note will cost the people of this state €3.1 billion the amount invested by the government in the IDA, Enterprise Ireland and Enterprise Boards will be €0.447 billion. That is seven times the budget of these three bodies will go to a bankrupt bank.” ENDS

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