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Jobs plan has nothing to offer young unemployed – Reilly

14 February, 2012

The Sinn Féin spokesperson on youth affairs Senator Kathryn Reilly has dismissed the government’s jobs plan as offering “nothing” to young unemployed people.

Senator Reilly said:

“This plan has already been dismissed as a rehash of old ideas but in one area it is lacking even old ideas- tackling youth unemployment. There is only one mention of young people in 126 pages!

“There really is nothing here for young people who are unemployed. What is needed is a specific set of actions to get young people back into work. It seems the government has instead opted to rely on emigration to keep unemployment figures down.

“Where are the points that deal with youth unemployment? Where are the incentives for young people to stay in Ireland? Sinn Féin has criticised this “jobs plan” as having no money and no targets - this is especially true for young people. The figure of 100,000 jobs is thrown around but how many of these jobs are for our young people? Sadly it is clearer now than ever before that this government’s plan for our young people is the plane to Australia or Canada.

“Sinn Féin has mapped out how investment, not austerity, is the road we need to be taking if we are serious about tackling youth unemployment. This “jobs plan” unfortunately will change nothing.”

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