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Comprehensive Truth recovery process required to deal with the past – Sinn Féin

22 February, 2012

Sinn Féin Victims Spokesperson, Mitchel McLaughlin MLA commenting on Mike Nesbitt’s call for republicans to come clean on the past said:

“The UUP refuses to approach the issues of victims and survivors on the basis that all grief and loss is equal, instead attempting to create a hierarchy of victims. Sinn Féin is on public record as to our willingness to deal comprehensively with the past. But if you only ask some of the questions, then you will only establish some of the truth. Mike Nesbit seems to ignore the reality that his party created many of the conditions which led to the conflict during their 50 years of one party rule.

“Unlike Mike Nesbitt, Sinn Féin rejects any attempt to create a hierarchy of victims and survivors. All victims and survivors must be treated on the basis of equality. In this context, a Truth Recovery process should be independent of the state, combatant groups, political parties or media agendas. Republicans are open to such a process. To date Mr Nesbitt and other unionist politicians have run away from dealing with the past preferring instead to grandstand from the side lines ignoring their role in the conflict."

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