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Government must stop living in denial on unemployment

24 February, 2012

In response to the ESRI’s latest economic forecast, Sinn Féin’s spokesperson on enterprise, jobs and innovation, Peadar Toibín TD said:
“Despite the much-hyped publication of the government’s so-called Action Plan for Jobs the fact that the economic policy of this government is failing workers and failing business cannot be disguised.
“Unemployment at over 14% in unacceptable. Long term unemployment increasing at a rate of 14.5% is unacceptable. Emigration running at 76,000 per annum is unacceptable and over 1,600 business closures last year is unacceptable. The figures released by ESRI demonstrate continuing high unemployment and negligible growth in the economy.
“At the end of March another €3.1 billion of our people’s wealth will be used to pay off the debts of Anglo Irish Bank. All the economic data demonstrates is that the government policy of austerity for the people and payoffs for bankers, bondholders and developers is not working and will not work.
“It is time that the government stopped living in denial. It is time they stopped handing over the wealth of the nation. It is time that the government put job creation and economic growth to the fore. It is time to invest in our people, to support local business, increase demand and create employment.”


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