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PSNI spin does not alter reality

20 May, 2004

Commenting after a PSNI press conference today attempted to portray the current policing arrangements as acceptable, Sinn Féin spokesperson on the issue Gerry Kelly said that 'no amount of PSNI spin will deflect from the reality that we do not currently have an acceptable policing service'.

Mr Kelly said:

" The current policing arrangements do not enjoy the support of the nationalist community. The Oversight Commissioner recognised this fact in his latest report. No amount of PSNI spin alters that fact. However the onus is on those who have delayed the new beginning to policing, especially the British government, to fulfil their responsibilities and deliver the acceptable policing service demanded by the Good Friday Agreement.

" The issues which remain to be resolved are well known and have been identified by Sinn Féin in the past on a number of occasions. These include:

  • Special Branch
  • Demilitarisation of policing
  • Disbandment of the Full Time Reserve
  • Human Rights training and culture
  • Plastic Bullets

" Progress has been made in recent years on the policing issue in our discussions with the British government. Sinn Féin has of course secured amending legislation on policing and amending legislation on justice issues. We now need to see legislation brought forward to transfer powers on policing and justice, as Patten recommended and was agreed in principle by the British government. This is a critical issue in terms of achieving democratic accountability and one which continues to be frustrated by the British government's suspension of the political institutions." ENDS

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