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SDLP should get real on Justice Ministry - McCartney

28 February, 2012 - by Raymond McCartney

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney has branded the SDLP as a negative party who are being oppositional in the Assembly for opposition sake.

Raymond McCartney, who is Vice-Chair of the Justice Committee, said:

“The facts are that if it had been left up to the SDLP we would still have a minister from England in charge of Policing and Justice. They are being oppositional for opposition’s sake and should get real on the issue of the Justice Ministry.

“If we were to follow their logic and run d’Hondt as the Assembly currently stands then Unionists would have an extra ministry, is that what they want?

“Or perhaps they would rather some absentee British politician who would not be answerable or accountable to anyone in the North, was dictating how we deliver Policing and Justice?

"The people sent the SDLP a very clear message at the last election that their negative politics was not the way forward. Unfortunately it seems they have failed to learn that lesson."

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