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Taxi industry reform must deal effectively with oversupply – Ellis

29 February, 2012 - by Dessie Ellis TD

Sinn Fein transport spokesperson, Dessie Ellis TD, has criticised the Taxi Regulation Review Report for not dealing properly with the massive oversupply of taxis which is causing, precipitating or worsening many of the other problems which plague the industry. He was speaking following an Oireachtas Committee on Transport briefing on the report.
Deputy Ellis continued:
“There is at least 22% oversupply of taxis. The report recommends pricing people out of the industry and asking people to provide letters from other employment as well as arbitrary limits on the ages of cars. All this is to make driving a taxi too expensive for many hard-working, full-time drivers as well as encouraging others to not enter the industry.
“This is a very large problem which needs to be dealt with by stopping new licences being granted and making this a full-time only industry. The oversupply of part-time taxi drivers must be dealt with directly, making it not just harder to have a taxi on the weekends and a full-time job Monday to Friday, but to make it impossible.
“Anything less will not properly address oversupply and not considerably reduce numbers other than among full-time drivers who cannot afford new costly measures introduced as they are struggling in what is their only source of income.”

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